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Economic crime has increased dramatically as a result of espionage with camera phones. One in two companies are affected and the estimated number of unreported cases of over 80 percent is alarming and numbers are rising.

That’s why you should act now! Protect yourself now with our innovative and secure LENS SEAL® Spy Protection Seal for camera phones (patent pending)! – simple, intelligent and effective – 1,000 times tried and tested!

Seals by LENS SEAL® pass any security audits!

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For your protection and your security.

Shortly after introducing our Spy Protection Seal for camera phones, it has become a legendary and standard application for almost all major car manufacturers, as well as for the world’s largest companies and authorities.

Its ease of use, the resulting high level of security combined with absolute controllability have gained LENS SEAL® an excellent reputation worldwide and made us a global brand in the field of spy protection.

  • Security & Spy protection

    Any company which has a competitive edge over others is exposed to the dangers of espionage. Developing countries and peripheral states do their utmost to obtain illegal information on design plans, sketches, models, calculations and other highly sensitive data. They do so in the hope of quickly reducing the technical lead of the industrialized countries and winning over the market with cheaply produced plagiarisms.

    Keep your eyes open, report any suspicion and protect your company from espionage. We will assist you in that.

  • Economic Viability

    Studies estimate the damage caused by industrial espionage carried out by foreign secret services and competitors in Germany at around 50 billion Euros annually.

    Risks are posed by a company’s own employees, infiltrated trainees, business delegations or plant visitors who secretly copy data within the company or take pictures with their mobile phone cameras

  • Development

    Internal perpetrators – an underestimated risk!

    Internal perpetrators may be able to cause more damage to companies than external perpetrators, given their legal access options and insider knowledge of internal vulnerabilities of businesses and organizations. Hierarchies do not represent borders either – a perpetrator could be anybody from caretaker to manager. It is often made all too easy for internal perpetrators, e.g. through largely unlimited access to company know-how and carelessness in handling sensitive documents. Due to, for example, career paths which do not meet expectations, it is not uncommon for employees who have been employed in a company for many years to be considered as perpetrators. But also external personnel working temporarily in the company, who receive temporary access and access authorizations, represent a risk of damage.

    That is why you should protect your company at all levels. Check where there are security gaps. Ask us. LENS SEAL® has a solution for you as well.

LENS SEAL® – simple, 100% controllable, high security!